Jumat, 16 Juni 2017

My Speech

Hello everybody,  How have you been?  I hope you're always be fine yaa...
Well, at this chance I wanna share my speech video, is about The Internet

Here's the url you can watch video:

And Here's My Speech Text:

Good morning ladies and gentleman.

The honorable English Lecture, Miss Dini and My proudly friends from chemistry department.
Before I begin to give a speech, I would like to invite you to thank to the Almighty God,  who has given us mercy and blessing , so we can meet together in this blessing place and in healty condition.

Ladies and gentlemen,
At this moment ,  I will give you a speech about the importance of internet, especially for education  and its benefits for students.

Education World provides many advantages to support the smooth process of teaching and learning, and has many benefits for students. The term of Internet is combination of computer networks in a wide scale and larger. Each user of the computer can communicate each other with other people just by using a language network.

Nowadays, the internet has become very important technology for a variety of aspects. Both aspects of education, it includes cultural aspects, economic aspects, social aspects and more. There are aspects for education. The internet is perceived benefits both for the institution to educators and to the protege. There are the benefits of the internet for education, such as : Educational institutions, Educators and The students.

For the first is Educational institutions
For educational institutions, internet has some following advantages, such as : To introduce the people about the mother institution with institutes by making the internet, To save time and cost in the recruitment of new employees, Make it easier to attract students and new students.

The second is Educators. For all educators or lecturers, internet has some following advantages, such as : To search for teaching material and the materials will be given to students, To seek access to information sources , and To facilitate the proteges in collecting duties given.

And the third is Student, for all students, internet may be very useful, such as : The Internet can be used to affect the increases motivation and improve environmental psychology at protege, To stimulate and motivate students in developing intellectual property ,  and To save time in doing tasks and research in command.

Ladies and gentlemen,
The Internet is expected to help accelerate the development of education. The more advanced the education is, hopefully it can provide benefits and also can increase the education system to be better.

Ladies and gentlemen,  not much that I can say today,  It just a few of words above that I can deliver to you at this moment.Thanks a lot for you attention and I also ask forgiveness for my mistakes  and Good Morning.

Sabtu, 13 Mei 2017

My Future Business

My Future Business

Hello guys,  how are you? I hope always be fine ok. Anyway, Have you seen my previous post?  I hope you've seen it yaa...

Well,  at this moment I wanna share a little thing,  hehe.. Curious? Check it out

Business?? Actually I dont think it so far yet.  Why?  I feel I cant have this skill,  skill to make a business. Hm,  but I just try to dream it 😞😊 . Outside, there is so many business , can't be counted one by one,  that's a big reason why I should have given up to do a business.  Hm.. But someone said to me,  "You'll never know if You never try".
Did you know? actually I really love robots and something about computers. Consider by what I love,  I think I should make a business in technology like building a computer and gadget shop in my village. I think it should be the great thing because,  you have to know that my village is very poor,  there's no good infrastructure, and access to the internet is so difficult. I think by doing my business can ease my villagers to access internet and make  them go forward.
Well,  the question is how can I do it?  First, when I will have graduated from University,  I'll try to find relations and work harder to get the investment,  then I will build a small store and if it's not yet growing up,  I will try to make some branch in online media to support and make it larger than before. After it sucess,  hm..  I will make other branch to other village.  I'm sure it will be going well,  because in the future my village will need it.

Hm...  I think enough for today,  thanks for the visitation and support my dream business to make it real.  See you later in my next posting yaa.... 

Goes to Expo Pendidikan Untan

Goes to Expo Pendidikan Untan

Hello everybody?? How was your day?  I hope you all enjoy your day yah...
Well,  at this moment I want to share you my story When Exploring to Expo Pendidikan Untan.  Check it out!!!

That day,  In May 9, 2017 , My Friends and I went to Expo Pendidikan Untan.  It's held in Auditorium Untan,  Pontianak .  Its event is for celebrating of 58th Universitas Tanjungpura Birthday. We went there by motorcyle.

Did you know?  There were some Stands We had visited.  First stand we visited was Amcor Untan. In Amcor Untan stand,  there were some books,  and others such as: 3D Pen,  game (i forgot the name of that game, hehe).  During there,  we played game , which it was very fun to be played and grind our brain,  we played it with group and by finding letters then arrange it to words in English. One thing made my group and I happy was when we won that game and we got Amcor Pins,  hehe..

Then,  We went to UPT bahasa stand. There were also some books,  and one thing made me attracted was that game, it's english test game.  I played its game and of course I won it,  you know?  It's very easily. And My Friends also played it then won it.  We all got prize, a Teh Kotak for us wkwk.... That's not bad,  because we got it free haha..

After that,  we visited Mapala Untan Stand,  we just looked around and took me a photo hehe..

Next stand,  we visited BCLC Stand. There,  we wrote our aspirations in next ten years on a sticky note . Also we took the photo to be uploaded in Instagram, we got some souvenirs.

And next stand was Teknik Arsitektur Stand.  We looked around,  there were some sketchs of regions or buildings and also there had a miniature of Kapuas Hulu Region,  then we took a photo. Its miniature was so amazing,  I was so loved it.

Next stand , We visited Fakultas Kehutanan Stand. There were some objects that were antique.  Overall,  in that Stand showed tradition custom objects . And also there were specimens of Frog kind.

The next stand again,  we visited Studio Data.  In that stand,  we took some photos,  we really enjoyed .

And The Last Stand,  we visited Fakultas Mipa Stand.  In that stand,  I played game that named Electric untouch.  But I lost that game,  because it's so hard to play. Then,  I took a photo in Kimia Stand.

Well,  It's my report of Exploring Expo Pendidikan.

Actually, there are many things we do,  but I forget and can't remember all of it.  Hmm...  I hope its event can be held again next year...
I think enough for this chance,  thanks for visiting my blog and see you.

Jumat, 05 Mei 2017

Discussing to design a new robot as the inventors

Hello Everybody.  How have you been?  I hope you're all always be fine and do your daily activities like usual and also Blessed by Lord.  At this special moment,  I will post my Discussion result with my friend, Indra Amin Jaya.  We discuss about Designing a new robot as the inventors in an international robot competition.

Here are our discussion result:

Ervin : Hey bro!!!
Indra: yeah bro, what's going on?

Ervin : Have you heard about an international robot competition?
Indra : No,  I Haven't heard that.  Robot competition..... , What is it?

Ervin : Yeah, that's a competition of robot, where the competitors become the inventors to design a new robot for the world.  Hehe
Indra : Really? That will be an amazing moment.  Why don't we join it?

Ervin : Yeah,  that's good.  But right now,  I have no idea about designing robot .
Indra : It's okay. Because, I have a great idea about robot.

Ervin : Really.. Hm..  By the way,  what do we want our robot to do?
Indra : I think it should be able to teleport us to all around the world whenever and wherever.

Ervin : Wow..  That's a very brilliant idea.
Indra : And You Know,  It would be very cool if it can fly to outer space, can dive,  can run faster than a horse and can...  Ummmm...

Ervin : How if it could be unseen and change to the  other shape?
Indra : okay,,  that's good.

Ervin :And What will our robot look like?
Indra : I think the robot looks like humanoid will be better,  how about you?

Ervin : I agree with you. And why don't we give it a name?
Indra : Surely..  How if we give the name is Iron Earther?

Ervin : That's a cool name. But what's the meaning of t?
Indra : the meaning is : Iron signs the components of the robot and earther is people in the earth.

Ervin : wow...  I agree with you.  And By the way,  How much will it cost?
Indra : It's about one million dollars.

Ervin : wow,  Are you sure?
Indra : Yeah I'm sure about that.

Ervin : ummmm. Then,  How our robot will communicate?
Indra : first , this robot is controlled by us,  and make it program.  After finished we can use as we want like....  like...

Ervin : can fly to wherever,  can dive,  can run faster than a horse and etc.
Indra : yeah that's good..  I hope we can win it

Ervin : yeah,  I hope so.

And Here's the video url of our discussion :
Our Video In Youtube

Well,  I think enough for this chance,  Thanks for your visitation and watching our videos in Youtube.  I hope our dreams come true 😂😂😊  See you in my next postings,  Don't miss it yaaa

Minggu, 30 April 2017

How to cook a simple fried egg

Hello everybody. How have you been?
I hope you're all always be blessed by Lord and having your amazing day.
Have you known??  It's been two weeks I didn't post anything . Well,  At this moment, I will share you my post about cooking a simple food: fried egg.

Have you known fried egg?  I think that you're not so strange to hear this food. Of course, because since you have been child you must be really like it and maybe it's your favorite, right?  And You all should have known how to cook it,  right?  Yeah if you forgot making it,  At this session I will make you remind how to you cook it (if you've forgotten ) and give you steps how to cook it (if you really can't do it before).
One most important thing if you want to cook is the ingredients used. Well,  the ingredients you need to cook fried egg are an egg,  garlic,  chilies, salt,  an about two teaspoons of oil, or other flavors like Ajinomoto or Masako.
While,  the equipments you need are : Spoon, bowl, and wok.

Alright, for the first : break the eggshell of the egg and then put the contents of the egg to a bowl.

After that, mix the contents until be mixed well.

Then,  add salt and other flavors (Masako or Ajinomoto) in the bowl.

Next,  peel the garlic or chiles(if you want) and heat the oils in the wok / frying pan. After a while, put its all to the oils that has been heated.

After that,  cook it well and do that until the fried egg is ready.

After ready,  give some toppings (like a fresh tomatoes on top)
And finally, fried egg ready to eat 😁.

Here's the url of video how I cook it: Here

Well,  What I cook is only a simple food, for another food I think I have learn more then I will share to you yaa...  Thanks  for your watching in my youtube channel and visitation on my blog,  I hope it all be useful for us.                 Wait my next posting yaa...

Jumat, 14 April 2017

Ask An Expert

Hello everybody.  How have you been ??
I hope until right now you're always be fine and blessed by The Lord,  Amen.

Well, At this special chance and amazing day, I will post my interview result with a talented man who has special ability or skills especially in Martial Arts. Who is he??? 
Okay,  I'd introduce his name.  His name is Febriatama. He's usually called as Febri.  And did you know?, He's also my good friend. He was born on 12th February 1998 in Pontianak. He is known as a coach of martial arts community of Agriculture Faculty in Tanjungpura University. 

Alright,  below is the result of my interview with him.
Me: What is self defence in Martial Arts based on your opinion?
Febri: Self defense is an art and instinct that every human have. Its a way that someone protecing himself or herself and others. Martial arts has been long found and develop from time to times. 

Me: Ouch so… Then, How can you be a coach of Martial arts community?
Febri: Well, I'm just an ordinary coach. I train harder and keep the spirit of getting what I want. It is not easy to be me as now. I have to pass all the tests that are difficult to get these rankings.

Me: Really…. And What have you done to develop your community?
Febri: I try to spread my knowledge in pencak silat with opening the train field

Me: When did you start joining this community until you become a coach of it?
Febri: I start to train pencak silat when I was 15 years old. I train for over 3 years, then i get the coach badge after it.

Me: What is the biggest advantage that you get as long as you become a coach of martial arts?
Febri: A few benefits we're training a martial arts :
 As a way to defense our self and The main purpose of self-defense is survive. Sometimes a conflict or crime could be avoided when the opponents or criminal discouraged to fight with us because of emotions or because they were afraid with us when we facing them with calm and believe in ourselves. But if the conflict cannot to avoided, at least we are already to facing it.
And then, More fit and healthy. The benefit of self-defense is same as usual like other sports. Training self-defense regularly will increase our fitness. the muscle in pure body will be trained to move and make the bodies more be healthy and this moving will increase our immune systems, so we will not be easily sick. The certain moves, especially speeding moves spur's our lungs and heart function. So, our blood circulation and our breath will run smoothly.
Make the muscle more strong and flexible. Certain moves like punching, kikcing, bowing, jumping and others always been applied in martial arts. Other moves like running, sit up, push up, walking or crawling could train our muscle become more strong, dexterous, agile and fast.
Increasing our confident and bravery. When we're feeling that we have more capabilities, we could be increasing our confidence. Beside of it, in martial arts school, we are indeed to and conditioning to confident and bravery will come up.

Me : Wow, That’s so fantastic. And the last question, What will you do in the future with your ability?
Febri: I could do everything with this ability. Well, I think its depends on me how to use it. I could be criminal if want, or I could be a hero. But I think I could use this to defend weak people, and train harder to be a champion.

Okay...  Those are our interview. We have known that self-defence or Martial arts is very important to protect us from enemy and can make us feeling safe, and the important thing is make us more healthy because we train our physics more. And below is a picture of his training  result 

 Well, I think enough for this chance, I hope it all can be giving an useful thing for us. Thanks for your visitation and wait my next posting yaaa…..

Kamis, 30 Maret 2017

I can't imagine life without Education

Hello everyone 😊
How are you today?  I hope you'll be alright. Well, at this amazing moment, I want to share my point of view about the reason why can't I imagine life without education?

Education, this word may not be strange for all of us.  But some people in the world may neither know yet what it is. Well, education can be meant as the process of teaching or learning in a school or college, or the knowledge that you have got. Education is very important for entire of life.  For me, It's really important 'cause with education, I know various of learning, with education I know how do I do in my daily activities that is useful or not, and also I can think what should I do for.
I cannot imagine if the people life in the world is without education, some of them may be great people if they really work hard, but some of the other and even it is the most, they may lose their life vision because they only do without thinking, and also we shall not know the world , we only know what around us. You know, Education makes us humble. Education creates awareness and expands our vision. We become more aware about our-self, about the society, about everything that surrounds and affect our life :
  1. It helps us develop a disciplined life. And, discipline is essential for everything that a person wants to achieve in life.
  2. An educated person commands respect in the society.
  3. Education enables us to earn our livelihood. Education empowers us to get a good job.We need money to make our living. With the advancement of science and technology, our needs have increased. Besides the basic needs of life such as food, shelter and clothing, we also need other comforts such as mobile phones, air-conditioners, car, etc. A fulfilling career ensures a satisfied life.
  4. It is a known fact that an educated person gets better earning opportunities. After completing education, we can consider starting your own business. We can also become a consultant in the area of our expertise.
  5. The study of computer science, software, and information technology will empower us to make a choice in the field of fast growing IT and internet industry.
  6. We can help illiterate adults to learn the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic
I really can't imagine my life without education,  I may be a fool person,  don't  think what I do,  and even I may not write this posting If I don't have an education.
Education is very vital ,  and without it,  what will happen?  Idiot people is everywhere  haha LoL 😛😁 . So, we don't ever think education isn't important. We need it.
I hope my point of view about the education can motivate us to reach an education as high as we can. 

                     Thanks for the visitation,  Wait my next posting later 😉😉